As admins of ARPRO WhatsApp groups, these are our responsibilities. Kindly read every point care fully.

As an admin you are added to 4 groups.

  1. ARPRO group
  2. Admin group (Where you can meet all admin members of ARPRO and it is a group for admin discussions only)
  3. Content Group (Where all contents from different groups are posted)
  4. Approved group (Where approved contents are posted)

Common Responsibilities:

  1. All content posted in Approved content group must be shared to your respective groups.
  2. All content posted by other members on your group to be verified for correctness and if correct post it on Content Group
  3. If any member posts any non auto content immediately send a personal message to the member and ask them to delete the non auto content from the group.
  4. Get into a conversation with members in group and build good relationship as a family member.
  5. Respect all members in group and we don’t have right to be angry on any member even if he/she makes a mistake. We should be matured enough to understand their point of view.
  6. Always remember that every member is our family member and give them due respect
  7. Avoid duplicate content on the group.
  8. If in doubt please shoot your question in the admin group or directly to me.
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