As we gear up for amazing meets, here are few pointers to keep in mind and follow to make the meet successful.

  1. Be on Time: We are all professionals & understand the importance of time, so once we decide the time for meet, plan to arrive 5 minutes early as we respect every member’s time here.
  2. Introduce yourself: You will be given 2 minutes to give your individual introduction to the members attending the meet, be ready with a crisp intro with your professional background & present role to help every member meet you.
  3. Break the Ice: As professionals, lets be responsible & get connected with every member in the meet, what ever his/her designation, ethnicity, brand they represent, caste or religion. Remember we have only one religion at ARPRO, that is AUTOMOBILES.
  4. Carry Plenty of Business Cards: We are here to get to know each other and support each other in our professional life. Get to know each member & share your business cards.
  5. Live & Breath Automobiles: The only factor that unites us is the AUTO INDUSTRY. As per our policy lets stick to discussion on auto industry only. Sensitive discussions involving politics or religion are to be avoided, due to their highly subjective nature, which can lead to volatile and inconclusive debates.
  6. Grooming: Be comfortable, you may wear formals or casuals, however avoid jazzy or colourful/bright colours.
  7. Keep the account clear: Avoid taking money for granted, Find out approximately how much it will cost & carry the money with you. If you must leave early, go up to the organiser & pay in advance.
  8. Venue: Many a times, we get venue sponsored to us by some member or people known to them. Lets keep it clean, rearrange and give back the venue in same condition as we received it. This will also encourage the person to offer us the venue again next time.
  9. Click It Up: You may click as many pics you want without invading anyones privacy. Also do share the pics on our Facebook group.
  10. Write it/Post it: Mail a small writeup about the meet to or send in few pics that you clicked during the meet, every member who could not make it would love to know how the meet went on. You could also post it on our Facebook group, but avoid pics in Whatsapp group to avoid spamming on Whatsapp.

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3 replies on “ARPRO Meet Rules

  1. Dear Pro,

    I believe the way it drafted and we’ll explained, it becomes a policy document of Auto Retail Pro.

    Very well thought and drafted.

    We as Pro’s of the Pro Family, I am proud being a member of the Admin team.

    Abiding by the rules also becomes Mandate for all Pro’s.

  2. Very nicely drafted rules & easy to understand the importance of these rules. Each and every point drafted in a professional way, which are so good

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