Kindly go through the following policy completely before applying for ARPRO membership.

  1. We are a family of auto enthusiasts working in different positions at different parts of India with varied love & passion to auto Brands. Hence we will not degrade any brand on the group.
  2. Every member of the group is given complete respect and equal importance and always call them PRO. E.g. PRO Srikant.
  3. Respect posts from every member in the group and respond to posts done by other members appreciating them for their efforts.
  4. Stick to posts related to Automobiles only and keep away from spamming the group.
  5. If you need any help or information which may not provide value to the group, ask members to directly send it to you.
  6. Avoid any kind of wishes like Happy Birthday, Good Morning etc. If all 2500+ members start doing that on our group, that itself will spam the group.
  7. If you feel there is some topic that is really helpful to the group but does not belong to the auto industry, You can always approach the admins for their feedback and then post on the group after approval.
  8. Sharing contact numbers, job posting, CV, advertising & marketing activities should be avoided in the group to ensure privacy. We have our website for it and you may connect with the admin to get more information on them.

Click on the button below once you have read and accepted the above-mentioned group policy to register as a member on ARPRO & join the Whatsapp group.

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