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Ganesh Kumar

I have crossed 30 years of hands on top-level experience with the
Automobile Industry . Passion for the vehicles started long before that
during by first career stint in the Gulf where I was in possession of a
Toyota Corolla and later Honda Civic. Those days the company cars
were changed every for years with brand new models. Cars were never
a vehicle for commuting for me, rather a grand machinery, a mechanical
wonder to understand and enjoy. I fell into the habit of comparing the
features of different makes and models and it became a hobby for me to
prepare detailed pros and cons of cars. Soon enough I became the
person whom everybody, family, friends and acquaintances, consulted
while buying a new car. It was natural that I should start my career
journey in the industry. It was ‘Not for Bread Alone’ from then on…..
• When I returned to India I found that the automotive market was
growing, which was dominated by the Ambassadors and the FIATs.
Suzuki had just entered the market through Maruti and the market
dynamics changed.
• Initial Three years were with Bajaj Tempo (Now, Force Motors) also
supporting Kinetic Honda two-wheelers and Escorts Tractors. Driving
the small wheel-based Tempo Trax, I had predicted the market for
compact SUVs in the mid 90s.

• Circa 2000 the Korean auto-giant entered the Indian roads with the
legendary Santro. Working with Hyundai for four years and driving
the different variants of the Santro, the Accent, the Sonata, the
Tucson, and the Verna I was able to understand the minute
differences and the intricacies of the different models and variants to
advise the customers to choose the perfect car for their
budget,use,prestige, family happiness and not just their need.
• Six years with Toyota in different geographies, urban, semi-urban and
rural, as the CEO/COO where I experienced, gained
expertise,practiced and promoted the Toyota Way and the process:
• PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), one of the best problem solving tools of
• Gemba
• Lean and the A3 concept
• Ho-Shin

• Three years with Mahindra, when a new-gen dealer opened up in my
hometown. Driving a Xylo, Scorpio and later and XUV5OO and
managing a team of 800+. In the small CV segment, North Kerala
was the only market which challenged the Tata ACE and beat it in
• Feathers in my Cap
• Increasing the market share of the Mahindra Scorpio by piggy riding
on the story of a movie where Scorpio was the protagonist helping in
a heart transplant surgery to save a life.
• Setting up an Automotive Management Academy, the first of its kind
in India, for a multi brand dealer.
• Setting up new facilities of Chevrolet and Tata dealerships, selecting
candidates, building teams and streamlining operations to create
entry impact in the new market and also to achieve and sustain all
initial and increasing targets against other makes.

• To turnaround ailing Ford and VW dealerships by need analysis,
identifying and framing the problems, solving them with HO-Sin
• Current Key Focus
• Training and mentoring dealership teams
• Creating a new Vision, providing new and unique marketing ideas
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Chitrajit Ganguly

I started my journey in the automobile industry, blogging and reviewing motorcycles, subsequently taking up professional coaching for the automotive retail industry for my massive interest in Sales & Marketing. I love everything on wheels, auto enthusiast and an avid off-roader. I have been a keen follower of EV space.When not thinking about automobiles, I am into aeroplanes. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals https://autoretailpro.com/joinus/

Ganesha Upadhya

I am an avid automobile industry enthusiast and worked with brands like Toyota & Tata Motors managing sales & operations.
I have overall 17 years exp & currently heading India sales for Azuga, a US based connected mobility & fleet management solutions company.
I keep track of trends & updates in auto industry and pen my views & thoughts. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals https://autoretailpro.com/joinus/

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