Citroën expanded its lineup towards the bottom by introducing an electric, two-seater city car you don’t need a license to drive. Called Ami, it was developed with both private users and car-sharing programs in mind.

This fresh concept by the French automaker is 100% electric, 2.4mt, no driving License required, regular 220v charge, Sold online, delivered to your home, to be used on a sharing basis or bought for less than €6900 (appropriately 5.5 Lakh Rupees)!

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Accessible from 16 years old, with or without a driving licence, A range of up to 43 miles (appropriately 70kms),Charges in just three hours.

A real alternative to scooters, bicycles and even public transport.

Ami joins the Renault Twizy in the light quadricycle segment, meaning anyone can drive one without a license as long as they’re at least 14. The catch is that its top speed is limited to precisely 45 kmph — on flat ground, of course.

Power comes from an eight-horsepower motor, which is enough to move a 485-kg vehicle.

Citroën quoted up to 43 miles of driving range thanks to a 5.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery stuffed under the floor. Charging the tiny pack takes three hours when using a standard 220-volt outlet found in every house, though it’s also compatible with public charging stations. Fourteen-inch wheels deliver “easy handling,” according to the firm.

It offers space for two passengers in closed, heated cabin with a panoramic sunroof and windows that flip up manually. The interior is more practical than its dimensions suggest because users have numerous storage bins at their disposal. The instrument cluster consists of a small, rectangular LCD screen. Want music? There’s a smartphone cradle for that, and a place to put a Bluetooth-enabled speaker. Want navigation? Again, use the cradle. Keeping the Ami as basic as possible allowed Citroën to make it cheap.

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