Both MG motors India and Toyota have announced car ownership subscription models, but with different strategies.
MG Motors ties up with Zoom cars
– This gives MG access to large customer base of Zoom cars built over 8 years
– Zoom’s competency in managing subscription and tech model
– Zoom customers can access MGs superior tech features
Toyota subscription model under Toyota Mobility services
– Partnered with in house brand KINTO from Toyota Financial Services (TFS) and 2 leading leasing companies ALD and SMAS
– Toyota can access large individual customer base of of existing  corporate clients served by TFS, ALD and SMAS
– Existing clients of leasing companies can access hatchback Glanza,  to be launched entry SUV Urban Cruiser with Toyota badge and existing models like Yaris, Crysta and Fortuner
– Gives customers access to Toyota brand which is otherwise expensive to own due to premium pricing
It’ll be interesting to see which strategy works better.
With the entry of leading brands it’ll be the segment to watch and see how subscription market evolves.

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