That’s true, you heard it right. Here’s a brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan for just Rs. 13 Lakhs.

But your can’t sit in it nor drive it, as it is a 1:8 scale model replica made with amazing attention to detail.

Displaying an unparalleled level of detail, this iconic 1:8 scale model is not only a faithful reproduction of a full-size Cullinan, but a beautiful work of art in its own right. Each model has been hand-assembled from over 1,200 individually crafted components to meet the highest possible standards.

From the engine compartment to the tread of the tyres, each motor car is a true expression of effortless, timeless luxury in extraordinary miniature. This includes fully functioning exterior and interior lights, opening and closing coach doors, luggage compartment and opulently finished interior.

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Customers can either order their models to exactly match their Cullinan or create something new and unique. There are 40,000 “standard” colors to choose, but you can, of course, create a bespoke paint finish if you desire. Each model is hand-painted and polished, and the exterior pinstripes are applied by hand with a brush, the same as with Rolls-Royce’s real cars. The leather color, wood trim, and seat pinstriping and piping are all customizable, and bespoke creations are available for the interior as well. In a video released by Rolls-Royce, one model has a map of the world printed on the dashboard. Look at this official video. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals

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