As per a recent order, Delhi Govt has suspended the subsidy on the Tata Nexon EV after a customer complained of consistently getting a “Range per charge” not more than 200kms against ARAI certified 312kms.

However something interesting to note is that this order is based on a complaint by one customer in Delhi and another customer who had tweeted his grievance about his Nexon EV. Its of course surprising that the Delhi Govt is so prompt in supporting the 2 grievance customers out of thousands of cars sold across India already. We have attached the copy of the order at your disposal. Let us know in comments below about your sentiments regarding the same. Join the Fastest Growing Community Of Auto Enthusiasts at

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One thought on “Delhi Govt suspends subsidy on Tata Nexon EV. Do you think it is justified?

  1. This is not at all justified. Taking action based on complaints of just 2 people when there are umpteen others fully satisfied with the vehicle.

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