Porsche has been asked by German automotive regulator KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) to recall 60,000 diesel-engined Macan and Cayenne models running with emissions defeat devices.

The Audi-produced 3.0-litre V6 Euro 6 diesel engine used in the two models was found to have lower emissions during lab testing, constituting a test cheat device — and linking the cars to the Dieselgate scandal.

It’s estimated that around 125,000 cars globally could use the engine in question.

Neither the Cayenne S Diesel (above) nor Macan S Diesel (top) is currently on sale. The Macan oil-burner was dropped along with the Panamera diesel earlier this year due to low sales, while the latest-generation Cayenne diesel is not due out until next year.

Porsche has come under increasing pressure in recent months as part of continued investigations into the Volkswagen Group diesel scandal.

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