Insert a coin into the grooves your tyres, if it goes in comfortably, it means that your tyres are in good shape, if not, you need to replace your tyres. Good tyres are very important all the time, but in the rains, they are critical. Good tyres prevent slipping and sliding on watery roads and give your car that all-important grip.

If your brake pads are making a squealing or a grinding noise, they are also shouting to be changed. Don’t waste time and get them checked by an authorised mechanic immediately.

Simply put, the job of the windshield wipers is to wipe the windshield. Before the onset of monsoons, it will be a good idea to test them. Are they leaving behind streaks? If yes, then it is best to invest in a new set of wipers. After all, the last thing you want between you and the rainy road ahead is a blurry windscreen.

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