The Royal Enfield started its business in 1901 in England. Came up with many legendary models like the Interceptor,Cafe racer and Bullet ( The only vehicle in continuous production since 1901).Owing to adaptation to newer technology such as UCG engines was the turning point.

The Royal Enfield was a runaway success in 2009 when the classic 350 was introduced it turned a overnight superstar for the RE. It is the only two wheeler company in india to achive continuous double digit growth since 2010.The sucess story has its own downpoints such as continental GT 535 and many production issues which RE is getting away with due sheer craze and demand but the testing time is ahead with bajaj and triumph alliance and many OEM’s concentrating on the premium segment. Testing times ahead!

When it comes modification its a long process. You have get it approved by only ARAI and then get it entered on the Registration Certificate, which is a very tedious and long process. Another way is to add features that do not interfere with the structure of the motorcycle. For example, you can add auxiliary lamps and a remote locking system but you cannot add a performance sprocket or change the handlebar or even the silencer of the motorcycle. Which many people usually do but it is very much illegal. Despite many claiming their silencers being rta approved only 12% are rta approved. Lets take a recent incident in Bangalore for example where many illegal silencers of Royal Enfield bikes were crushed under a bulldozer.Such crackdowns have become pretty common in Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra but the people in other states are not facing any such issues,Atleast not reported yet!

Also, you can change the colour of the bike by adding a vinyl or creamic but repainting the vehicle to a different colour or even a adding a slight shade is again illegal and has to be endorsed on the RC by the local RTO at the time of registration or you have to update the specfications once the modification is done . As these strict rules restrict the creativity of modifying houses, there should be new rules that help such modifiers in India. Customisation is a big marketplace in many countries. Its is a booming business in india also there are many established modifications houses such as Halankars of Pune and many more are coming up. The modification houses are charging a whopping 1 lakh on a bike and it can go up 5 lakhs also if you need the latest set of gadgets on your bike.

If India can ease the rules on modifications and put a simpler process of getting the modifications approved, it will go a long way towards enhancing the automotive industry of the country. It will create employment opportunities in many ways and offering tax benefits to startups will also encourage many startups to come up and exhibit their innovations. but there is a long way even after that according to indian motor act it is illegal change the color or structure of a motor vehicle because it can cause serious damage to rider or co rider due to reduction in strength of the vehicle. The modification houses first have to get the part approved from ARAI which is quite difficult owing to the bureaucracy in the system.

Our suggestion for you would be.. please do not tamper a new bike as it might effect your warranty and you might end up not getting your vehicle regstered due to this.

This article was written by ARPRO member Rishi from Hyderabad

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  1. Great writing Pro Rishi. Truly and sadly, we are unable to see much after-market-creative-works in vehicles due to the laws in our country. Indeed , provisions should be there…..

  2. Very Nice Detailing Pro Rishi… Very much interesting Facts … πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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