Sony has announced that its Vision-S prototype has arrived in Tokyo for further development work. The car is said to undergo public road testing during the current fiscal year. The video offers up no hard details about the vehicle, with Sony announcing that it is meant for advancing its audio and sensing technologies.
Looking through the spokes of the shiny and attractive wheels, we can see red Brembo brake calipers to slow the car down when needed. The vehicle rolls almost silently in some video scenes, hinting at an electric nature for the vehicle. Once the car rolls into the sunlight, we can see that it appears to be in a matte silver color and looks very good design-wise.
The Vision-S appears to have a similar silhouette compared to the Tesla Model S EV. One of the coolest design aspects of Sony’s ride is the line that runs across the front of the hood, and under the headlights, meeting in the middle to make the vehicle’s emblem. The way the light activates from the outsides and meets in the middle is beautiful.

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