In Sales, customers are God and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Please note discount is not customer satisfaction. I have umpteen number of times given an example that I experienced during my dealership career.

It was a gulf premium car showroom where I was a Manager handling Sales Administration and Brand Quality Auditing. My office was in mezzanine from where I could directly look at Sales team’s activities down. At one point of time, a young boy about 10 years came to showroom with his younger sister aged 6-7 years. Their driver was waiting outside in his car. The kids just walked around cars expressing joy at every car. My sales team thought they are some big shots family who have come to spend time and just ignored. I was curious and came down and tried speaking in little Arabic that I knew. But the boy spoke to me in good English and to my pleasure he was very informed of big cars. I spent about 30 minutes and saw them off. My sales team thought I saved their precious prospecting time.

Next day, a car with Government protocol arrived at the showroom. News spread that a senior minister is entering the showroom. Entire sales team were on their feet. The GM ran down to receive. The minister entered showroom with his two kids who had visited previous day. Entire sales team were dumbstruck. The minister sat with GM and discussed about purchasing the car. The boy requested GM to call me for discussions😊. I was called and the boy selected one of the highest costing car.

This long explanation is just to say that no person who enters showroom should be taken lightly. It is only when a purchase is in mind a prospect visits a showroom. He may not buy that particular brand but definitely he would purchase in short to medium term. The Sales Consultant’s first meet will be the lasting impression on the prospect. Hence Sales Consultants should learn to be a brand of their own. Whichever brand they represent, his customers will respect his views and trust him.

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Article by Pro Bhagavan Ramadas, ARPRO 6, (Director, Staars Pvt Ltd, Towing service & RSA)

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