In today’s world, It is common to see the netizens hitting the social media to show their anger against any brand and in a similar situation, here is an unhappy MG Hector customer, who tweets to the country head asking for refund and wishing to buy a Tata Harrier.

We don’t want to get into a blame game but would take this opportunity to educate the dealers on the importance to inculcate the culture of “Customer First” into all their employees.

A customer may not be right every time, but if we try to prove a customer wrong, we might just loose the customer & his network for a lifetime.

These kind of incidents only show the lack of strong & proactive complaint redressal system or a process that educates the customer on the hierarchy of complaint escalation or the proper implementation of these processes.

In today’s world, it is very important to work on a foolproof customer redressal system otherwise social media also plays an important role in building or breaking a brand. Do give your feedback on, “How you think these kind of issues could be addressed at the dealership level itself?”

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