Spearheading revolutions since its inception, Maruti Suzuki India Limited launched ‘People Technology’, a dedicated media campaign to celebrate innovations and technologies that delight its customers. Through this campaign, Maruti Suzuki showcases technologies that have over the years mobilised and empowered millions.

The campaign celebrates seven recent path-breaking technologies – Smart Hybrid, S-CNG, K-Series Engines, HEARTECT platform, Suzuki Connect telematics solutions, Smartplay infotainment system and range of Automatic Transmissions introduced by the Company on its wide portfolio of BS6 compliant cars. Through these technological interventions, Maruti Suzuki intends to make a noticeable difference that can enhance the lives of customers.

Mr. Kenichi Ayukawa, Managing Director & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “Behind every technology is a latent customer demand. We have tried to fulfil them in more than several ways. We take pride in democratizing technologies so that they benefit masses and are not limited to a handful. Through our People Technology campaign, we demonstrate our capability to bring new-age and cutting-edge technology to masses.”

He added,“Deeper understanding of Indian consumers and their driving behaviour/product usage is at the forefront of technology development at the Company. With deeper customer insights, the Company develops path-breaking technologies that empower our consumers with technologies that are affordable, aspirational, and relevant and at the same time enhancing user experience.”

The phrase ‘CARE’ [C: Customer-Centric; A: Aspirational; R: Relevant and E: Experience] communicates Maruti Suzuki’s approach for rolling out new technology for future.

The Company’s focus is to offer Safety, Environment friendly, Comfortable and Connected Technologies to Indian customers. Maruti Suzuki not only provides advanced technologies in its vehicles but strives to provide the technology offering at competitive prices. The seven recent path-breaking technologies being communicated through people technology campaign depicts the Company’s above-mentioned approach.


The R&D team at Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan has developed a next-generation global platform ‘HEARTECT Platform’ that is designed with a core focus on safety. Built with advanced and high tensile steel, the platform has a smooth continuous design for better impact absorption in case of a collision. At the same time, it offers better stability and control for enhanced driving performance and fuel efficiency. The platform is adopted in all future generation cars globally including cars developed for India.

Maruti Suzuki is committed to offer safer cars to its consumers. In view of this objective, the Company took initiatives to upgrade its entire range of vehicles to meet crash and pedestrian regulations much ahead of the defined timeframe.

The Government of India mandated certain additional regulations such as driver airbags, ABS, Rear parking sensor, seat belt reminder and speed alert system from 2019 apart from crash and pedestrian norms. These regulations are unique for India. All Maruti Suzuki models comply with all these regulations by offering technologies which are valued by consumers.


With the vision to democratize green mobility for its customers, Maruti Suzuki unveiled its ‘Mission Green Million’ in 2020. Having already sold one million green vehicles, the Company aims to sell the next million green vehicles at a much faster pace and reduce carbon footprint.

In view of this objective, the Company has taken various initiatives such as upgrading current K- Series engines, the addition of S-CNG technology and the introduction of Smart Hybrid technology in more models. With the above initiatives aimed at continuous improvement, the Company has achieved nearly 20% weighted CO2 reduction across the fleet in the past 15 years.

Maruti Suzuki’s K-Series engine realizes the true spirit of the global design trend of optimizing engine performance through innovative design techniques. It is currently offered in four different options across the product line-up: K10B, K12M, K15B and Next-gen Dual VVT Dual Injector K12N Engine.

With continuous upgradation of the K-Series engine, the Company has improved nearly 30% Fuel efficiency in the last decade to delight value-conscious Indian consumers.


Maruti Suzuki has sold more than 7.5 lakh vehicles with a range of Automatic Transmissions. The Company democratized the two-pedal technology and challenged several myths related to automatic cars with the launch of Auto Gear Shift (AGS) technology in 2014. The Company’s revolutionary two-pedal technology, AGS , offers driving convenience of an Automatic Transmission vehicle to Indian consumer at an affordable price without compromising on fuel economy. AGS technology is available in six Maruti Suzuki models.

Currently, Maruti Suzuki offers three different types of two-pedal transmissions including AT, AGS and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on its 12 models. Each segment has some option to meet the needs of that segment.

The next generation Smartplay Studio Infotainment system has been introduced across the Maruti Suzuki product portfolio to offer the next level of infotainment experience to the Indian consumers. It is a new-age 17.78 cm (7”) connected touch screen infotainment system that connects smartphone, vehicle and cloud-based services to provide a host of features to offer delightful driving experience.


In today’s world, it is very important to stay connected as it provides reassurance, a sense of safety, and peace of mind. To keep one always connected, Maruti Suzuki offers – Suzuki Connect, a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) solution available in Maruti Suzuki cars. It provides advanced features such as vehicle tracking, emergency alert, driving behaviour analysis, live vehicle statistics, vehicle and alerts, among others.

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