The Indian automobile industry has been trying to regain the sales numbers post the COVID lockdown. The car Dealerships had started to open during the third stage of lockdown and sales has been emphasised using digital marketing.

With the new normal in place at all dealerships, Car sales seem to be picking up. Maruti Suzuki has reported a sale of 13865 units in the month of May 2020, Which shows that the auto industry is regaining shape.
Maruti Suzuki resumed operations at its Manesar facility from 12th May 2020 & at its Gurugram facility from 18th May 2020. It is remarkable to note that in the short period of time, sales touched 18539 units including export of 4651 units.

Toyota also announced their sales numbers of 1639 units in the month of May 2020.

SAIC- owned MG Motor India also reported 710 units sales in May 2020

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