Meet the DBS Superleggera, Aston Martin’s fastest, most powerful supercar till date. The Superleggera suffix means ‘super light’ in Italian and harks back to the original DBS from 1967. The Vanquish name will now be saved for the firm’s McLaren 720S-rivalling mid-engined supercar, due in 2021.

The new DBS Superleggera is based on the underpinnings of the DB11 and shares the same Aston-made turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine. The unit has been reworked to make 725hp, compared with 639hp in the DB11 AMR. In the Superleggera, the engine generates 900Nm, available at 1,800-5,000rpm. That’s 201Nm more than the DB11 AMR.

To handle the extra power and torque, the rear-wheel-drive DBS Superleggera gains a new transmission and gearbox, with a drive ratio of 2:9:1 (compared with 2:7:1 on the DB11). This means a claimed 0-100kph time of 3.4sec, a 0-160kph in 6.4sec and a 0-200kph time of less than 9sec. All these figures are traction-limited.

It is the first car not to feature the brand’s winged logo on its rear boot lid, with the name Aston Martin spelt out there instead.

Also new is a quad exhaust system, which has been tuned to produce a “more expressive” noise, according to chief engineer Matt Becker. That makes it 10db louder than the DB11.

The bodywork features a front splitter, extensive underbody aerodynamics, a rear diffuser and a new Aeroblade 2 rear wing, generating 60kg of downforce at the front of the car and 120kg at the rear. The 180kg total downforce is the most of any road-going Aston Martin, yet the DBS produces the same drag as the DB11, which makes just 70kg of downforce.

The DBS Superleggera has a dry weight of 1,693kg. It sits on bespoke Pirelli P Zero tyres, with 21-inch wheels.

Source: Autocar India

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