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With factors like BS4 to BS6 transition & COVID 19 affecting the auto industry in India, this might be your lifetime opportunity to buy a new car. Let us understand them.

Reason no 1: If you are a businessman, you can avail the benefit of 15% extra depreciation totalling to 30% depreciation in the very first year of purchase. And this kind of opportunity may never return.

Reason 2: Government has given a clear statement that all BS4 cars purchased now can be operational for entire 15yrs as per its registration validity. And I am sure 15 yrs is more than enough for us to buy our next car.

Reason 3: Due to high investment into bs6 diesel engines, most manufacturers are considering to stop diesel engines in small cars like a Swift or i20. It might be available only on cars above the price 17lakhs on road.
If you drive a lot of km per day, a diesel engine will make more sense. For eg: a swift dzire with 1.2 l petrol engine claims a FE of 19kmpl whereas a dzire diesel 1.3l gives you 26kmpl which translates to a difference of 280 kms per full tank. (considering 40lts fuel tank)Since most of the commercial transport like buses and trucks use diesel, the price of diesel will never be much higher than petrol. Also, the fun of driving a diesel engine is amazing due to the fantastic torque delivered by them. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals

Reason 4: Almost all manufacturers are throwing in extended warranty free with bs4 cars. This could mean peace of mind for an extended period and also a better resale value if you sell the car within the warranty period.

Reason 5:  All dealers want to clear their BS4 stock immediately. For each day the car is kept at the dealership, they incur huge interest from the bank.
Reason 6: Due to all the factors that we discussed until now, discounts are at their best as on date. When the price of the car is lower, you not only save on the car but also you have lower registration cost, insurance cost and hence a lower downpayment and EMI on your new car loan.

Reason 7: With the COVID pandemic still evidently visible here and there depending less on public transport like a bus, metro, taxi or rickshaw for yours or your families travel may not be safe. If you don’t have a car, you better consider buying it now.

Reason 8: Due to the COVID 19 pandemic all car manufacturing plants were shut and they are slowly starting their production with very less workforce. But still they are unsure about the demand for a car in India and hence might go to a lean production method. Due to which the waiting period of cars might go up. If the waiting period goes up, there will no more be a discount on offer by dealers.

Reason 9:  Govt has allowed only 10-days post lockdown to register bs4 vehicles, so you need to rush now to connect with the dealer and finalise your car. Also the processing of loans will take 3-4 days time. So better start initiating your car buying process immediately.

Reason 10: Many proactive dealers cleared their BS4 stock early and also manufacturers had stopped BS4 production as early as Dec 19. Very few dealers have BS4 stock left, so contact them immediately to get a brand, colour or model of your choice. We can also help you connect with the right dealer, instead of searching for the dealer with BS4 stock. All you need to do is head on to our website and our dealer partner will connect with you as soon as possible. 

So that’s it for now, get moving, your new car awaits you at the dealership.

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