2020 has had a great start for ARPRO and today we are launching our next initiative: ARPRO Library.

We are now building an online library on our website. As all of us know that we are not a media company and are the only professional group completely managed by working professionals from the auto industry.

Every member here is a working professional sharing information from various sources for the benefit of all members.

Many times we get valuable information and great content from our members on our WhatsApp group, which gets lost in the umpteen messages that we get every day.

With ARPRO library, now we upload all legally shareable content on our website and it can be assessed through a new search button on the website. This helps us to always access back old content posted on our group.

This initiative is being rolled out from today.

If you feel there is any content that you want us to post on our website, do connect with us on info@autoretailpro.com and we can post it on our website.

You can see the attached video on how to use this feature.

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