Jeep to outsell Fiat for the first time. Jeep is set to become the group’s largest brand by sales volume by the end of this year. It would be the first time that the Fiat brand doesn’t lead the ranking since the merger in 2009. It is not only a figure, but a historical thing.

After a year of stagnation in 2017, Jeep is back to positive results this year. The growth is being boosted by the latest arrivals, which are posting big increases not only in USA but also in Europe, Brazil and India. It started with the second generation Jeep Compass, which was launched in H1 2017 but is already recording big increases.

The Compass was followed by the all-new Jeep Wrangler, which hit the American dealers in Q1 2018, and has just been launched in Europe. The Wrangler is conceived mostly for the consumer in USA, so it is not expected to bring a lot of new clients overseas. The updated Jeep Cherokee is the other driver of growth, and as the Wrangler, it is more dependent on the US demand. Global sales through May 2018 show an increase of 18% to something between 670.000 and 680.000 units. The Renegade and Grand Cherokee declines were offset by the strong sales increase coming from the new Compass (+164%) and Wrangler (+41%), which became the brand’s top-selling models. The Cherokee had a good month in May with volume up by 19%, and the Chinese-made Commander made its debut.

North America still counts for the largest part of its sales, with double-digit growth. In Europe the new Compass climbs in the ranking and allows the brand to outperform most of its rivals (Italian registrations more than doubled through May). Brazil and Argentina are among its top 10 largest markets, with volume up by 23% and 147% respectively.

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