Ford India today released the findings of its annual road safety survey.

In its third wave, the Ford Cartesy survey brings forth underlying triggers and barriers to ideal road behaviour and highlights the need for an extensive and holistic Road Safety Education program to lay the foundations for safer and saner road use.

Revelations from Ford Cartesy Survey highlight:

  • Lack of Knowledge About Traffic Rules: Most respondents with driving licence feigned ignorance of basic traffic rules. Only one in 10 respondents attributed the lack of knowledge about rules as a potential risk to road safety. In a 31-question simulation of traffic rules, less than a third (27%) scored over 40% and an abysmally low 6% of them got more than 50% answers right 
  • Mobile Phone A Real Distraction: While 1 in 3 respondents feel the traffic situation in their city varies between very bad to extremely bad, 97% think ‘Distracted Driving’ (due to use of the mobile phone) and 81% think ‘Aggressive Driving’ are the top causes of accidents in the country
  • Moment of Truth: On average, nearly half of the commuters admitted to not displaying ideal
    behaviour that adheres to Compliance, Caution, and Compassion. Distracted driving comes up as the most deviant behaviour to Compliance, with 58% respondents admitting to talking on the phone while driving, 63% finding it ok to seat their kids in the front row, and 58% drive even when they are feeling sleepy
  • Genuine Compassion Is Still A Long Way: 53% respondents confessed they don’t always make way for emergency vehicles like an ambulance or fire truck. While, 57% do not mind throwing eatables, empty wrappers and fruit peels on the road.

Looking through the prism of the 3-Pillar framework of Compliance, Caution and Compassion, Ford Cartesy Survey dug further into the deep ‘Attitudinal vs. Behavioural’ analysis of drivers and commuters, categorizing them in four personality types: 

The Oblivious: Road users who display the least idealistic behaviour; characterized as impulsive, preoccupied & lacking knowledge of road rules & safety guidelinesThe Assured: Appear easy-going, but prone to demonstrating aggression, competitiveness and entitlement at the smallest triggers. They claim to know their way around rules 
The Pretentious: Aware of road rules and ideal behaviour. But quick to deviate from doing the right thing and are ready with justifications that explain their behaviourThe Idealist: Not just law-abiding and self-aware, but do not break rules unless there is an emergency or a “compulsion beyond control”

The Ford Cartesy Road Safety Survey highlights:

  • Need more ‘Idealists’ on roads: Attitudinal stereotypes influence city performance on Cartesy. Cities with a greater proportion of ‘The Oblivious’ have the lowest Cartesy scores. Majority of drivers, about 40%, surveyed can be characterized as ‘The Oblivious’, followed by ‘The Assured’ at 27%, ‘The Pretentious’ at 25%, and ‘The Idealists’ make up for just 8%

Of the six major metros, Kolkata and Chennai took lead on all Cartesy scores with the highest proportion of Idealists – 22% and 20% respectively. Delhi and Bangalore showed a lot of room for improvement with the highest proportion of Oblivious – 49% and 62% respectively.

Mumbai and Hyderabad acquired third and fourth positions respectively with 21% each of the Oblivious. Attitudinal stereotypes influence city performance on Cartesy. Cities with a greater proportion of ‘The Oblivious’ have the lowest Cartesy scores.

“At Ford, we not only offer enhanced safety in our vehicles but believe that small changes we make in our attitude and behaviour go a long way in ensuring that our roads become safer,” said Vinay Raina, executive director – Marketing, Sales & Service at Ford India. “The Ford Cartesy survey in its third year is not a critique of users, road infrastructure or enforcement authorities but highlights how ‘mindfulness’ demonstrated by every single citizen can help makes roads a safer and saner place.”

Ford India’s Cartesy Campaign aims to encourage drivers to be courteous behind the wheels while highlighting behavioural issues that impact safe driving in India.

In this edition of the survey, a total of 1,561 interviews were conducted across 6 metro cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Each city was divided into five zones (East, West, North, South and Central) and respondents were interviewed from each zone to ensure a fair representation across a city. 78% of the respondents were males and remaining females.

Detailed findings of the Ford Cartesy Survey:


35-44 Yrs45+ Yrs
R – Do not talk on the phone534442483430828734204363454148
S – Do not drive on the wrong side494345523735908529194563464142
D – Use dipper at night294555323371628141204255404649
R – Do not drive under influence544845454738958442214767514444
P – Stop before Stop line275161293769707944214455395053
D – Follow road signs254467363569887738244453444551
P – Carry required documents294663343970767944234554444753
R – Do not drive rash614943494141958441294958514445
D – Use indicator while changing lanes284765353872828144224557454753
S – Wear Seat Belts in front row294374354366927744254656444955
S – Comply by traffic lights324069364172897750214657445351
P – Only Park at authorized parking304466374374788549214756445055
D – Drive in the correct lane345269333570898044254855464757


QuestionsDelMumChenBalrHydKolIdealistPretentiousAssuredObliviousMaleFem22-34 Yrs35-44 Yrs45+ Yrs
A – Do not have kids sit in front row of the car50463350321566829183932413832
A – Don’t multitask while driving203359273367767338143849384045
A – Avoid driving if feeling sleepy263656323761497738203950384345
T – Overtake from right293656323362597542174146374150
R – Careful  when I see ‘baby on board’ car sign243363303569667741174149414147
A – Don’t lose my cool while driving303661303267667245184149394546
T – Don’t abandon
vehicle in public places
R – Drive slowly in populated areas273665343563817441184249434247
C – Ensure defoggers are working313364303568737642194251414250
T- Don’t stop abruptly on the road283762333766697348184252424546
C – Check mirror settings before driving283766323565737740204349414645
C- Switch off engine while refuelling293865333366797842184252404550
A – Don’t take my eyes off while driving284068313563827344194254434349
C – Service my car at authorized
service station  and use genuine spare parts
C – Immediately address issues284068293467797842194350424648
R – Careful when I see a ‘Learner’ sign on a car304265323267757743184350394750
R – Careful during rainy season to avoid skidding274070313862777942194448404750
T – Drive on low beam in city roads334063323569727948184451414751
A – Use child locks when driving with kids303774304063767942214451454548
T – Maintain safe
distance from vehicle
T- Careful when I open car door293971373568867844214555444950


QuestionsDelMumChenBalrHydKolIdealistPretentiousAssuredObliviousMaleFem22-34 Yrs35-44 Yrs45+ Yrs
En – Prefer carpools to go to work303654323055317538213846363946
C – Wait patiently if someone is
blocking the way while struggling to take a U-turn
En – Do not throw eatables, empty wrappers, pealed fruits on the road253767303860627842184249394448
Em – Help an accident victim313667253566827441194250424644
C – Get out of my car and navigate the
traffic if there is an unmanned signal that is not working
Em – Help someone with a vehicle breakdown284070273959697940204349404550
C – Wait patiently for my turn if the signal is not working274268293763777640214350424549
Ep – Give up my parking space for an elderly/
female driver
Em – Help someone if the car is stuck in the middle of the road274069263769747842204448384851
Ep- Careful notto block another vehicle while parking293966303470767841204449434549
Emp – Slow down near hospitals or schools254471313663807741204449424748
C- Alert the nearest traffic
officer if I see someone driving rash or under influence
Ep – On a rainy day, am careful not to
splash water on pedestrians or two wheelers
Emp – Wait for old / blind /children / pregnant ladies to cross the road314468293565827841214451414849
Ep – Do not honk near hospitals or schools254370313271827543224550434749
En – Switch off the car when
stationery to save fuel and environment
En – Ensure that my vehicle is not emitting too much smoke324169333670778147194554424951
Ep – Use the indicator, pull over at the side while picking up or dropping344168373764727847224651434952
Em – Give way to
emergency vehicles like ambulance or fire truck

*Data in percentage

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