The Royal Enfield Pegasus is inspired by the  RE/WD 125 that was used in World War II. The bike was dubbed the Flying Flea as the lightweight bike was air dropped to troops on the ground during the World War

Only 1000 units of the Royalenfield Classic 500 Pegasus will be made. Of which 250 have been allotted for India.

See the serial number? Let’s break it up:

C5 – model designation for the Classic500

0099 – Model 99 of 1000. Only 1000 bikes to be produced in Pegasus spec

India to get C50001 to C50250 series of the Classic 500 Pegasus. That is, the first 250 (of 1000 in all) motorcycles.

The Classic 500 Pegasus Edition is available in two colour options internationally – Service Brown and Olive Drab Green. Indian buyers can only get the brown colour.

Neat-looking canvas panniers on the Classic 500 Pegasus are standard.

There’s great attention to detail on the Pegasus, like the yellow band on the engine case that on Flying Flea indicated the centre of gravity, helping troops set it up to be air dropped

Royal Enfield is also making available Pegasus merchandise in its stores and this includes Sling bags, shirts, helmets

The Classic 500 Pegasus Edition can be booked online starting 10th July at 2pm. It is priced at Rs 2.49 lakh OTR Mumbai. This price includes accessories like the t-shirt, helmet, gloves and of course the panniers on the bike.

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