Bosch introduces the Virtual Visor, it is transparent LCD and intuitive camera, which replaces the traditional vehicle sun visor completely. Bosch’s technology utilises intelligent algorithms to intuitively block the sun’s glare instead of the road ahead. It links an LCD panel with a driver or occupant-monitoring camera to track the sun’s casted shadow on the driver’s face.

The system uses artificial intelligence to locate the driver within the image from the driver-facing camera. It also utilises AI to determine the landmarks on the face ‒ including where the eyes, nose and mouth are located ‒ so that it can identify shadows on the face. The algorithm analyses the driver’s view, darkening only the section of the display through which light hits the driver’s eyes. The rest of the display remains transparent, no longer obscuring a large section of the driver’s field of vision.

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Source: Autocar Professional

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