Pro Abhijeet Desai

A comfortable home for the family, fulfilling every family member’s dreams, working for their dreams! These are things that are part of our life and takes higher priorities in our life at any point in time.

We also have dreams, goals, wishes & as a professional, every day, every hour we strive to achieve them in our life. 

We have plans for the days ahead, in professional life as well as family life & are on the go to fulfil them.

All this comes to a standstill and everything feels shattered at a point of time when unexpectedly you have a heart attack and you are hospitalised! 

These are situations that can happen to anyone of us, and suddenly our focus is not on dream & goals but the quick recovery as soon as possible get back to the track, but then our body does not allow us and wants us to take a break!

And hospitalisation in today’s date is something that drains out our entire funds & savings and that is when you need support! 

Pro Abhijeet Desai, who has been a member of ARPRO for more than 3 years is undergoing that situation and we need to support him now. These are instances that can happen to any of us and it would be a great relief to the family if they can source some fund for the treatment. 

We at ARPRO are looking to support Pro Abhijeet and raising funds for his family support. 

Your contribution will be sent to his family in Pune.

 ARPRO will collect your contributions & will send it to Pro Abhijeet in Pune.

Pro Abjijeet is in NM Wadia Hospital in Pune, and we are looking forward to your support.

You can make make contributions from a minimum of Rs. 100 to multiples of hundred. You can use the following payment options:

  1. Google Pay, PAYTM, PhonePE to 9900320009
  2. Bank transfer to 

Srikant Rajan, Axis Bank, 

Savings. Ac. No: 561010100004183

IFSC: UTIB0000561

Branch: Sahakarnagar, Bangalore.

Do WhatsApp your payment confirmation to 9900320009 or email details to Once transfer confirmation is done, you can see your contribution details below:

The contributions can be made until 9pm, 10th Feb 2020.

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