Skoda India appointed Zac Hollis as new Sales, Service & Marketing Director. His appointment has come at the moment when the Skoda’s Indian operations group would lead VW Group’s INDIA 2.0 project that was recently announced that SKODA will develop new models for Indian market.

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One thought on “Skoda India appointed Zac Hollis as new Sales, Service&Marketing Director.

  1. Please convey this message to Bernhard, that investing 7900 Crores in India is of no use, if we do not treat customers on priority, most important of all, if we cant manager our vendors/dealers. From: A frustrated customer who is awaiting for delivery of the car even though the payment has been made on 28 September 2018, the dealer promised the same day delivery but nothing till yet. Sad thing about Skoda – Skoda Mumbai Head office says they are helpless

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