After recent news of Toyota showing its disinterest to scale up business in India spread like wildfire, lot of rumors spread that Toyota may discontinue their Indian operations. However Toyota has now released its official statement clearing the air. Read on . .

Toyota Kirloskar Motor would like to state that we continue to be committed to the Indian market and our operations in the country is an integral part of our global strategy. We need to protect the jobs we have created and we will do everything possible to achieve this. Over our two decades of operations in India, we have worked tirelessly to build a strong competitive local supplier eco-system and develop strong capable human resources. Our first step is to ensure full capacity utilization of what we have created and this will take time. In wake of the slowdown that has been exaggerated by the COVID-19 impact, the auto industry has been requesting the Government for support to sustain industry through a viable tax structure. We remain confident that the Government will do everything possible to support industry and employment. We recognize the strong proactive efforts being made by the Government to support various sectors of the economy and appreciate the fact that it is open to examine this issue despite the current challenging revenue situation. Our recent partnership with Suzuki in India on sharing technology and best practices are also in support of the “Make in India” initiative and Indian Government’s policy, and aim to enhance the competitiveness of both companies.

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One thought on “Toyota clears the air over its commitment to Indian auto market.

  1. They must bring more relalvant models . What we see in most of the middle eastern countries , so many line ups they do have can try few more here. India has the purchasing power . If luxury industry can offer better models / tech / combination s , why others can not emulate and act ?

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