Most of us have been at home after the lockdown started and not used our cars for a long time. So here is a video with these important tips before you start using your car.

1. It is always advised not to use the parking brake when you are going to park your car for a period. Let us understand it looking at this clip. As you see here when we pull the handbrake, the brake is applied continuously. And when this is on for a prolonged period, it can damage the brake system and can lead to jamming of brakes when you drive. You may not feel it when you drive, but constant braking will damage your brake system and sometimes you will have to change, not just the brake pads but also the disc or drum due to the damage on them.

2. Clean the inside of the car completely. Any food or liquid substance if left inside the car can lead to fungus and other bacteria breeding inside the car and will not be safe. So it is better to clean the car before you park for long. Now that the lockdown is getting over, if you have not done this before the lockdown, you better get you car interior cleaned and sanitised.

3. Keep the car fuel topped up to the brim to avoid rust in metal parts connected to the fuel tank. Most new cars use a plastic tank, but still, they have small metal parts that can rust.

4. Most modern cars come with loads of sensors. All of these can discharge your battery when the car is not in use. Hence it is necessary to check them before you start using your car. Remember, modern cars should never be push-started, it can damage your car completely. They should only be jump-started by a qualified person with quality tools. So it is better to get the health of your battery checked by a qualified person from the car service centre. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals

5. Jack up the tyres or move your car from its parked position every week. This ensures that the same spot on the tyre does not bear the load of the car, and hence avoid flat spots on the tyre. If there are flat spots or cracks on the tyre as we see here, we better to change them for your own safety. Else this could lead to tyre blast and accidents

6. Park the cars with wiper blades lifted up, else this will lead to cracks on the blades and will need a replacement for efficient wiping. Now that the monsoons are close, it’s better to replace the wipers If they are more than a year old.

7. If you have noticed this at home, we don’t cook food in cooking oil which is not used for a while. Similarly, lubricants have a life and its better to replace them even if you have not run much after your oil change. Fresh engine oil in the engine keeps them smoother, delivering you better fuel efficiency, cooler and also will increase the life of your engine. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals

8. Keep your AC on recirculation mode when you are going to park your car for a long period of say 2 weeks or more, else the moisture on the AC cabin filter and the ducts of the AC will have bacteria breeding on them and this can lead to bad smell or allergies to people who are sensitive to dust or pollen. You should get your AC cabin filter changed as shown in this video and also get the AC ducts disinfected.

9. Sanitise and clean your car interiors: Right from the handles to the commonly touched parts in the interior of the cars like the AC knobs, music system & steering wheel has to be sanitised before using the car to ensure that car is free of any infection. Join the world’s largest network of auto industry professionals

10. It is better to get all this done at an authorised service centre as all car manufacturers have given complete training to all their staffs on how to handle your car safely during this COVID 19 infection. Also, they will use the brand authorised chemicals for cleaning and sanitising your car so as to ensure that they are safe to your car and does not fade colours from the interior or exterior of the car. Also, these chemicals will not affect your health as a car is something that we spend most of our time after our home or office.

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