Trust all of you have been doing great as we all fight to get out of this pandemic.
The auto industry is building pace quickly to get back to where we used to be, but still, there are quite some lessons that the COVID pandemic has thought us,

1. Never depend on one income
2. Importance of saving
3. Importance of multi-skilling ourself
4. Keeping the EMI’s at bay
5. Importance of life insurance
6. Staying away from unwanted Luxury
7. Staying Fit

But one of my biggest blessings was that I stepped into entrepreneurship a few years back, that not only helped me quit my full-time job, but also helped me connect better with my family with enough time for every pleasure in life.

Do you think it was easy? No, I started off my Entrepreneurship journey when I was working in a well-paying job, & it never gave me the courage to quit my job and get into the business fully, until an incident changed my life and I decided to quit my job. I will let you know about that incident a little later! But trust me the kind of anxiety I had on the night, that I sent my resignation to the company was all changed to great energy to get going, after one night’s sleep.

From that day till date, there was no looking back and as every day passed by, I only regret that I should have quit my job earlier. I now have time to spend with my family, I have time to get back to my favourite bike, which I had given up many years ago due to my hectic work schedules. I will share all of them with you if that can INSPIRE you to be on your own one day!

We all think that having a great job in a great company has given us everything in life. I too was egoistic that I was representing a great brand, a great company, and always took pride in announcing the name of the company that I am associated with. But now, I realise it was false ego and it was nothing.

With this I announce a new Initiative by ARPRO, called INSPIRE, where we bring successful entrepreneurs, who will share their life experience & challenges with you to INSPIRE you to take the next step. As a part of this initiative, we have a special guest coming up this week to share his story with us. Get ready to meet him and learn about his story of success.

Watch out this space for more details! Make sure you are there live this Sunday at 11am! See you live!

Srikant Rajan

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  1. Wow…10th happens to be the Anniversary of ARPRO…

    Congratulations and let’s have the great moment with a zoom call for and celebrate the event.

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