ARPRO meets have always been fun and loads of knowledge. But post Covid, we are moving to online meets. So lets plan to make a great meet online. Follow these great tips to make it amazing.

  1. Most importantly, as professionals, lets be punctual and be online atleast 5 minutes before the log in time. This will also help you break the ice with other members and they join into the meeting.
  2. Keep your camera always on to have a more engaging virtual meet. (Keeping the camera off seems like you are not interested in the conversation and are on the meeting for just the sake of it)
  3. we strictly limit to 1 minute for the personal intro, so plan accordingly to give out max info in 1 minute.
  4. Use the chat box continuously to appreciate whenever anyone is speaking to engage the speaker and appreciate their participation.
  5. Ensure that you are sitting in a room where the light is behind the camera to ensure that you are visible properly. (Light in background or in front of camera can completely spoil your video quality)
  6. Ensure to mute yourself when you are not speaking (Also ensure that you are sitting in a room without any sound or movement disturbance)
  7. Dont keep moving around during the meeting, It can be distracting to others.
  8. Lastly do give a bye bye note when you are leaving the meeting.

Looking forward to a great meet at ARPRO.

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